VPP in your home lab? Yep. Right now.

March 24, 2021 08:00am - 07:00am PST

Vector Packet Processing (VPP) enables astounding software packet processing. It represents where the world is heading for many packet processing needs across edge networking, cloud native networking, and 5G infrastructure.

Many network engineers are aware of VPP, but really don’t have a fast, easy way to try it out for themselves, just to see what it’s all about. But if they could, who knows what they might do with it?

Good news. There is a way to kick the VPP tires!

One of the companies that has integrated FD.io’s VPP into a high-performance software edge router solution is Netgate. Netgate has a free version of VPP, ready to go as a product, known as TNSR. TNSR integrates a number of open source projects - VPP, DPDK, FRR, strongSwan and Clixon - into a ready to install, configure and deploy high speed router.

In this webinar we will hear directly from three independent network engineers on how they got interested in VPP, how quickly and easily they were able to install and test it for their needs, and what outcome they achieved.

VPP is for real. It is seeing rapid and broad commercial deployment. But it is still early. We at FD.io would like to see as many network engineers becoming familiar with it as possible!

Learn how you can do this in your home or work lab - right now, for free!


Audian Paxson - Senior Director of Product Line Management, Netgate
Audian Paxson has worked in consumer, enterprise and cloud IT infrastructure and security for over 18 years. In his roles leading product management and product marketing teams he has delivered multiple products from concept to launch and has been awarded three USPTO Patents for inventions focused on consumer and enterprise security. He joined Netgate in 2019 as the Senior Director of Product Line Management.
Mike Jennings - COO and Network Operator VoxTeleSys
Michael Jennings has two decades of experience with the opensource community, starting with FreeBSD 3.0 for server and Caldera for the desktop in 1999. In mid-2000 migrated to Fedora 7 and Centos4. Michael established a goal at Voxtelesys to harness opensource technology wherever possible where they currently run Debian 10 on servers, a Debian derivative on desktops, and are currently experimenting with Arch as a possible replacement for dev workstations.
Dan Streufert - President/Founder ADSBexchange.com
Dan Streufert has worked in the IT field, since 1990. He ran a small ISP and consultancy in the mid-90s, and transitioned to corporate IT operations a few years later. Starting off as Sr. Network Engineer for a midsize global manufacturing firm. Most recently, Dan served as VP of Information Technology for a $1b global manufacturing firm, and as the Principal Systems Architect for WeWork. In 2016, Dan founded ADSBexchange.com – an aggregator of worldwide flight data currently operating over 6000 receivers globally.
Jerry Wilson - Network Manager at Region 5 Education Service Center
Jerry Wilson is a network manager at Region 5 ESC where he leads the implementation and management of the participating schools district’s infrastructure and IT services; specializing in researching and analyzing cost effective solutions from vendors and open source projects for school district technology staff. Jerry has led network admin teams and programs for a startup ISP, a public hospital, and a managed service provider. Over the years Jerry has provided expert consultation, and instruction on technology coordination, programming, and robotics for school districts, and UIL Computer Science and VEX Robotics competitions.