How to build Secure Terabit Network Services with technologies.

July 1, 2021 09:00am - 08:00am PST

Learn how is used to build secure Terabit NaaS cloud networking, a.k.a. SASE, and VPP and CSIT projects’ critical roles in this. project is industry leading in providing production-ready open-source technologies and tooling to build secure and fast modern cloud VPNs, including support of encrypted overlays such as IPsec, TLS, QUIC, WireGuard and more.

In this talk, you will learn:

i. How VPP achieves near-linear multi-core horizontal scaling and leverages platform optimizations to achieve Terabit speeds;

ii. How CSIT benchmarking methodologies and tooling ensure the consistency of performance and robustness of Terabit-ready product built with VPP technologies and

iii. How these came together recently on an Intel Xeon Icelake scalable processor family to break the barrier of Terabit rate IPsec on a single dual-socketed Intel Platform (with zero frame loss).


Ray Kinsella - Product Architect, Intel
Ray Kinsella, Technical Lead at Intel, focused on Data Plane acceleration. Technical interests in Software Defined Networking, Performance Optimization and Open Source. Intel representative at the Technical Steering Committee. Contributing to Open Source Technologies since 1995, with frequent contributions to VPP, DPDK, Linux Kernel and others. Frequent public speaker on all of the above.
Maciek Konstantynowicz, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco
Maciek Konstantynowicz, Distinguished Engineer at Cisco, focuses on developing Internet technologies and systems that enable deployments of distributed applications. His work areas include performance-centric design engineering, IP networking, cloud-networking, compute x86/Arm optimizations for network data planes, benchmarking. Active in IETF and LFN open-source. Technical project lead of CSIT open-source benchmarking project.