FierceTelecom: Linux Foundation’s virtual switch project doubles packet throughput to terabit speed

By Sean Buckley | Jul 11 2017,

The Linux Foundation’s Fast Data (, or Fido) collaborative software project is touting a set of new performance gains that it says will reach terabit levels to accommodate multiple deployment environments, including bare metal, virtual machine (VM) and container. Similar to the way business users can order compute and storage on demand, is designed to enable service providers to offer on-demand network services. These services could include everything from dialing up bandwidth for a specific period, routing or firewall resources. Doubles Packet Throughput Performance to Terabit Levels

By Jeska Duman | Jul 11 2017, San Francisco (“Fido”), relentlessly focused on data IO speed and efficiency supporting the creation of high performance, flexible, and scalable software defined infrastructures, today announced significant performance gains reaching terabit levels at multimillion route scale. Architectural improvement increases in latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family – such as increased PCIe bandwidth – allow to double its performance at scale without modification to the software. Building on its recent 17.04 release, is the only vSwitch for which performance scaling is IO bound rather than CPU bound. offers the software defined infrastructure developer community a landing site with multiple projects fostering innovations in software-based packet processing towards the creation of high-throughput, low-latency, and resource-efficient IO services suitable to many architectures (x86, ARM, and PowerPC) and deployment environments (bare metal, VM, container). “ has long been able to …

SDXCentral: Un-Masking – the Open Source Project that Processes Packets

By Linda Hardesty | Apr 13 2017,

The Fast Data Project ( is a networking open source project whose scope includes software-based packet processing, fast Input/Output (IO), and universal data plane management across bare metal, hypervisor, and container environments., which was open-sourced by the Linux Foundation in February 2016, was garnering quite a lot of attention at the recent Open Networking Summit (ONS) 2017 in Santa Clara, California. A key component of is the Vector Packet Processing (VPP) software donated by Cisco at the inception of the project. This code is already running in products on the market today.

PQ Show 85: FD.IO & VPP Open Virtual Switch

By Drew Conry-Murray | Jul 7 2016,

The virtual switch in the hypervisor has been a highly competitive space for a number of years, with VMware’s Virtual Switch squaring off against Open vSwitch.

TelecomTV: Panel session on ‘Fast Data’ @ Intel Network Partner Builders Day

By Jeska Duman | Jun 8 2016,

The Linux Foundation’s Fast Data ( is an open source project established earlier this year with the aim of building a cross-platform I/O services framework so that developers can rapidly develop the sort of high-throughput, low latency services that are required for (amongst other things) Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV). (Fido) is hardware-, kernel-, and deployment-agnostic so can run on physical servers, virtual machines and containers. This distinguished panel – brought together at a recent Intel Network Partner Builders Day – discussed the vision and scope of the project, how it relates to and complements other open source efforts and where members are taking it in terms of proposed work items.

Cisco Blogs: A Bigger Helping of Internet Please!

By Maciek Konstantynowicz and David Ward | Apr 4 2016,

“Holy Sh*t, that’s fast and feature rich” is the most common response we’ve heard from folks that have looked at some new code made available in OpenSource. A few weeks back, the Linux Foundation launched a Collaborative Project called (“fido”). One of the foundational contributions to is code that our engineering team wrote, called Vector Packet Processing or VPP for short. It was the brainchild of a great friend and perhaps the best high performance network forwarding code designer and author, Dave Barach. He and the team have been working on it since 2002 and it’s on its third complete rewrite (that’s a good thing!). Read More at Cisco Blogs

Light Reading: The Future Is Networks on Demand, Says Cisco Chief Architect

By Mitch Wagner | Mar 9 2016,

Cisco has been developing the technology it believes can deliver networks on demand: It recently open sourced a virtual switch and router, the Vector Packet Processor, to the recently formed community to provide network operators with a modular and high-performance infrastructure using existing Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC)-based systems. The VPP supports 480Gbit/s throughput in 24 cores, with another 48 available. “It’s pretty much everything you need to deploy a virtual network and it’s screamingly fast,” Ward says. Read More at Light Reading