FD.io is a collection of several projects.
Documentation for some of the projects can be found here.

Vector Packet Processor (VPP)

The Vector Packet Packet Processor (VPP) is the core technology for FD.io.
To get started with VPP check out Installing VPP.
All of the user documentation can be found at User Documents.
The Developer Wiki is at VPP Wiki.
The source code (Doxygen) documents are at Doxygen. Previous versions of the Doxygen documents are in the VPP Doxygen Archive.

Continuous System Integration and Testing (CSIT)

The FD.io software is being continuosly be tested with the tools and framework provided by the CSIT project.
The project description can be found here CSIT Project.
Reports are published on a nightly basis at CSIT Report.
Data on FD.io trending perfomance is found at CSIT Trending.
The archive of all the CSIT documents is at CSIT Archive

Hybrid Information-Centric Networking (hICN)

Hybrid Information-Centric Networking (hICN) is a network architecture that makes use of IPv6 or IPv4 to realize location-independent communications. It is largely inspired by the pioneer work of Van Jacobson on Content-Centric Networking, that was a clean-slate architecture whereas hICN is based on the Internet protocol and easy to deploy in today networks and applications. hICN brings many-to-many communications, multi-homing, multi-path, multi-source, group communications to the Internet protocol without replicated unicast. The project implements novel transport protocols, with a socket API, for real-time and capacity seeking applications. A scalable stack is available based on VPP and a client stack is provided to support any mobile and desktop operating system.
To get started with hICN check out the Blog post.
The Developer Wiki is at hICN Wiki.

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