The World’s Secure Networking Data Plane

An Open Source Terabit Software Dataplane The world moves at light speed. Make sure your packet traffic keeps up. Enriching Data Plane Leadership and Deployment Efficiency.

The Fast Data Project (FD.io) is an open-source project aimed at providing the world's fastest and most secure networking data plane through Vector Packet Processing (VPP).

FD.io Users

Cisco Systems (image)
Cisco Systems

ASR 9000 - Router
Carrier Grade Services Engine

Alibaba (image)
Alibaba Cloud

Network Virtual Functions
Load Balancer

Netgate (image)

TNSR : High-performance Secure Networking Software

Inocybe (image)

An Open Networking Platform

Openstack (image)

Cisco VIM (CVIM) using VPP

PANTHEON.tech (image)

StoneWork Enterprise - performant & modular networking solution

Yahoo (image)

The JP Cloud Balancer

ZTE (image)

IoT Gateway
MEC Platform
PaaS Platform

Kubernetes (image)

A Cisco Container Platform

Users say

David Ward, CTO and Chief architect of Engineering, Cisco
Cisco FD.io VPP, in deployment at Cisco since 2002.
Source: FD.io Press Release – Forth Release Announcement
“FD.io is helping enable the developer community achieve the highest performance, throughput, and resource efficiency in networking across all deployment environments."

Binbin Xu, ZTE Software Engineer
FD.io VPP, in deployment at ZTE since 2017.
Source: ZTE's Experience of VPP in PaaS, OpenStack Summit Boston 2017
“VPP/DPDK is a fantastic development platform.”

Chenxi Wang, VP, Network Strategy and Ecosystem, Huawei

FD.io DMM, in deployment at Huawei since 2015.
Source: FD.io Press Release - Huawei Deepens Commitment to FD.io, as Newest Platinum Member
“One of our focuses is to build a sound ecosystem with our community partners in order to enable Cloud Native Networking, and we truly believe that community collaboration will drive FD.io to a new level."